Healthy Monday

Welcome to the Healthy Monday Wellness program. It features a core practice called the “Healthy Monday Reset” that helps you set your intentions for the week and take simple actions to achieve your health goals. Make sure you also sign up to receive a weekly Healthy Monday email. It offers helpful tips, fun group challenges,  motivating videos, and more.  The weekly email will help you focus on eating healthier, moving more, and reducing your stress. The initiative is supported and contributed to by, an all-incorporating healthcare resource that promotes prevention and natural healing as more environmentally-friendly alternatives to pharmaceutical solutions available through the website.

Change Your Life With the Healthy Monday Healthcare Program

That Monday when you were supposed to diet, start jogging in the morning and cease smoking is finally here. The Healthy Monday initiative will leave no place for excuses. It’s high time to change your life drastically. The Monday Campaigns – a non-profit initiative that origins from Syracuse, Columbia University and John Hopkins University – launched this turnkey program “Healthy Monday” to help people in corporate, student communities as well as for personal use. It aims to promotion of healthier behaviors and building a healthcare culture.

Monday is a word that is commonly associated with new beginnings, unfortunately, false ones. The “Healthy Monday” Program will help to make the first small but very important steps – have a healthier meal, smoking one cigarette less than usually, scheduling a doctor’s appointment. The specialists have covered the major steps for people who were thinking about the drastic changes in their lives.

Why do people should follow a wellness initiative?

Wellness and healthcare programs are a relatively new method of helping people to start a healthier and happier life. The initiative “Healthy Monday” includes the guides from the experts and wellness specialists who are constantly engaged in self-education, take part in prestigious conferences at the international level. Specializing and collaborating with the country’s best experts in the field of dietetics, gastroenterology, therapy, pediatrics, the hospital appointments are involved in the development of the health of patients in combination with their personalities.

To this end, new methods of diagnosis and treatment of conditions associated with the correction of the nutrition, smoking cessation and general well-being and promotion of the qualitatively new lifestyle are being introduced into practice.

What does the “Healthy Monday” initiative include:

  • a weekly mail-out to email subscribers;
  • onsite promotions in the most popular ways;
  • comprehensive online resources that promote nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation, and stress reduction;

This program is very flexible because its creators wanted anyone to be able to implement its major points into any existing program – whether personal or corporate one. Check the presentation that covers in detail the tools for wellness specialists like the overview of implementation guides and group challenges. Follow the news in order to find out more about this initiative and how to implement it to your workflow and lifestyle.