Erectile Dysfunction Problems: Effective and Proven Solutions

Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) is the issue, which affects the overwhelming majority of men. And it can start even at a young age ― in the 30s or even 20s. So, it is not surprising that varied ED drugs enjoy immense popularity in all countries. Luckily, today, men suffering from erectile dysfunction have access to an extensive assortment of medications. But the problem is that they are rather expensive, especially in the USA (as you probably know, in this country, drug prices are the highest). Hence, millions of men just cannot afford to purchase them and keep on suffering from the absence of normal sex life or serious conflicts in relations with their partners.

However, one should note that there is a simple solution available to everyone – one can buy ED products from Canada. Have you heard of Americans traveling to this country to fill in their prescriptions? Now, such meds shopping is available over the Internet as well.

Ordering ED Drugs from Canada: Key Benefits

Why do both US politicians and citizens support the idea of the legalization of drug importation from Canada so eagerly? Below are the key arguments in support of this solution:

  1. Affordable prices. We should highlight right away that, there, medicines are often around 50% (and more) cheaper than in the United States. That may cause all sorts of doubts and prejudices. Yet, you must know that the only reason for such low prices is the regulation by the local healthcare bodies. They control prices set by manufacturers so that they do not exceed those offered in other developed countries.
  2. Quality guarantees. Canadian government takes all the precautions to ensure 100% safety and effectiveness of medications sold to local citizens. They both perform inspections of local producers and control the operation of local drugstores. If needed they carry out additional laboratory tests and checks. More to the point, they monitor feedback and reports submitted by customers as well. In case there are any complaints, such cases are carefully investigated within the shortest terms.
  3. Quick and affordable delivery. Since the USA and Canada are two neighboring countries, shipping terms and costs are minimal. In practice, you can often receive your package within 1–2 days after placing an order. Besides, many Canadian sources offer express courier delivery to clients from the United States.
  4. A much bigger selection of generic medications. In most cases, generic versions of popular medicines appear on the shelves of Canadian drugstores a couple of years earlier than in the US facilities. That also allows Canadians to reduce their drug expenses to a minimum. So, at Canadian online services, clients can choose from more than 60 generic ED products of premium quality, and all of them are offered at extremely affordable prices. Find out more details about Canadian ED medicines in this source.
  5. Legitimacy. It is strictly advisable to order from licensed websites only. They follow the same rules as offline facilities both in Canada and in the USA. In the case of ED medications, a customer is demanded to provide a valid prescription from his doctor. One should not treat this requirement as an inconvenience or a difficulty. It is imposed for the sake of safety only. Such medications can cause severe side effects and interactions that is why they should never be used for self-treatment without medical monitoring. To be objective, if a drugstore asks you about a prescription on ED pills, that means they work within the law and take proper care of their clients’ health and their own reputation.
  6. No bureaucratic problems at customs. As a rule, US customs officials are quite tolerant of people ordering medications from Canada. In many cases, such packages are accepted without any extra checks.

Viagra or Cialis: What to Choose?

These are the two best-known medications for treating ED. When a man faces such a problem as impotence, the first thought that comes to his mind is to try Viagra. There is nothing surprising about that as this medication was the first oral ED treatment to enter the market. And it has been actively advertised and distributed all over the globe for about 30 years. Yet, it does not mean that this very product is an optimal variant for you.

Cialis may turn out to be even a more advantageous option. It acts identically but has a much longer period of action. Namely, this medication improves blood flow in the penis. As a result, erections get harder and one can preserve them for longer. To be more precise, it can work up to 36(!) hours, depending on the individual metabolism rate. That means one can take a pill and forget about erectile problems for almost 2 days. Obviously, for many men, the durability of action is the main choice criterion, then, Cialis is the best variant.

Besides, for those, who lead active sex life and want to be ready to have intercourse any minute without extra preparations, manufacturers offer daily versions of this drug ― 2.5 and 5 mg.

Sure, all the doses of Cialis pills are available as generic products (identically to Viagra). You can find them by the name of the active ingredient – Tadalafil.

As you can see, there is a good chance that Cialis will suit your needs more than Viagra. However, you should keep in mind that it will be your doctor who will have the final say.

Thus, if you want to buy ED medications at the cheapest price but do not want to put your health at any extra risk, you can safely try buying them from Canada.