Sexual Life after a Heart Attack: Post Care

Recovery period after a heart attack requires the most active involvement in rehabilitation actions. Is a person able to return to the habitual life? It is hard to say definitely “yes” or “no”. Since everyone has his own circumstances. Nevertheless, this disease requires revising of the mode of life. Post care starts at the hospital where altogether with therapeutic procedures the intensity of physical exercises increases gradually.

1. Dietary regimen during post-infraction period.

This is one of the most important components of the rehabilitation program. High blood cholesterol requires elimination of harmful products from ration. Consumption of fat food, pork, lamb, butter and eggs should be stopped or cut to a minimum. Including into ration of non-fatty veal, white meat (chicken, turkey), and rabbit meat will enrich and vary diet of a patient in post-infraction period on the one hand, and decrease intake of cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (so-called “bad” lipids) on the other hand. The source of “good” lipids may be marine food, see-fish and vegetable oil. Also, it is recommended to reduce the quantity of daily sodium chloride consumption.

2. Physical activity.

The rehabilitation period requires optimal motoring conditions. It is important to begin from low-intensity physical activities. The most efficient will be rambling at a leisurely pace. They are easy to meter accelerating or reducing speed and durability.

3. Sexual life after a heart attack.

Everything depends on how a patient sustains physical activities. Sexual intercourse is a heavy workload. There are some rules which should be taken into account. First, coitus must be performed with a familiar partner; second, sexual intercourse should take place in habitual environment; and third, while choosing a pose, a special preference should be made in favor of the one taking fewer workouts (for example, on one side).

4. State of mind.

A patient must learn how to manage his emotions, since stress is one of the factors of heart attack development.

5. Obsessive habits (especially smoking).

Obsessive habits and especially smoking contribute to development of atherosclerotic vascular disease, coronary artery sclerosis and their revulsion. Any remedies will be good for giving up cigarettes.

6. Medicated prophylactic treatment and dispensary observation.

Medications must be regularly taken; pauses in their intake or unauthorized discontinuation of drug are not admissible.

Physical Activity after Heart Attack

Anginal attacks limit physical activity considerably. Many patients are afraid of workloads and try to “spare” heart, even refusing rambling. But according to the research studies, patients who after underwent heart attach stay active, have reinfarction seven times as more rarely as those who reduced physical activities, and die six-fold rarer as well.

Patients who underwent heart attack must perform obligatory a usual domestic load (serve themselves, do daily chore). It would be prefect if a patient is assigned to undergo physical rehabilitation under the care of a physician in a health resort of cardiologic profile. In case you rehabilitate domiciliary, it is better to hike daily. You should choose the most comfortable rhythm, slow and confident. Walk not rarer than 5 times per week for 30-60 minutes. In case you feel tired and exhausted, sit down and have a rest. In several days you’ll be able to walk more.

Workload must not result in anginal attack development or severe dyspnea and heartbeats as well. Check your pulse, since during physical activities a heartbeat rate must increase. At the first stage you should reach a slight increase – by 20-30% (e.g. by 15-20 beats per minute). In the following favorable tolerability of workloads, keep checking your pulse and do not admit the above-limit value of 200 minus your age (for example, you are 56 – a pulse surpass is not advisable 200-56=144).

Sex as Physical Activity for Heart Attack Patients

Sexual intercourse gives a lot of good vibes, but along with that it is a serious physical exertion. People who had a heart attack often ask that very question about the possibility of returning to a fully realized sexual life. Let us get all this straightened out.

Physicians do not consider sex to be a risk of reinfraction development. But it doesn’t mean that right after release you should return to sexual life. Physical activities should be increased gradually. It is assumed that in case a patient after a heart attack can rise to a third floor with measured steps and doesn’t feel any discomfort or labored breathing, his condition may be estimated as good. Thus, he may be recommended to resume his sexual life. But this may be estimated only after 6-8 weeks of daily physical training. According to the statistics sex became a reason of heart attack only in 1% of cases.

After a heart attack sex may be difficult for a man. The thing is that within the course of treatment a man took medications inhibiting potency. Thus, in case you came across this problem, do not surrender to despair. If you fulfill correctly all prescriptions of your attending doctor you won’t have troubles in bed. First you need to refuse obsessive habits, give up drinking alcohol and eat right.

Heart Attack and Erectile Dysfunction

If a person has health disorders, he cannot always feel it at once. Many dangerous diseases pass symptom-free and reveal themselves much later when the process goes too far. Therefore, experts constantly search for connections between various organs and systems. Thus, German scholars discovered a connection between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases: erection and heart are definitely connected. Scholars have stated that possibility of death resulting from cardiovascular diseases and probability of heart attack accompanied by weak erection or its absence increase two-fold. It goes without saying that impotency doesn’t cause cardiovascular diseases. Only when erectile dysfunction is visible, it may become an indicator of a deep inner problem which hasn’t revealed itself yet. Erection disorders may indicate atherosclerosis which is able to lead to a heart attack or a cerebral crisis.

Insufficient erection indicates possible problems with heart and vessels, but doesn’t provoke them. To sum up the abovementioned, if a man discovered any signs of erectile dysfunction even a weak and irregular form, he should think whether these are connected with his organism condition and especially cardiovascular system.

List of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Canadian Pharmacies has a full list of medications for erectile dysfunction which may be divided into three groups:

1. Urethral drugs are introduced via applicator in urethra 10 minutes before sexual intercourse. These medicines fall into the groups of prostalagines, thromboxanes, and leukotrienes. The most popular remedy of this category among the customers of Canadian Pharmacy Medicirc is Muse. It improves microcirculation in penis. Around 40-60% men achieve a successful result from the intake of this medication. Although they may cause ache in penis and testicles area among one third of patients. 6% women may have burning in vagina after coitus.

2. Injections in penis. A special medication is introduced into penis by means of a needle. It causes enlargement and filling with blood of cavernous bodies resulting in fast erection which may last about an hour. The efficiency of this remedy makes 85-90%.

There are four types of injections:

  • Based on papaverine
  • Based on combination of papaverine and phentolamine
  • Based on alprostadil
  • Based on combination of papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil

The advantages of this method lie in action speed, reasonable price and high efficiency. Nevertheless, it also has drawbacks: first, the fact of needle usage; second, possibility of injuring of penis skin; third, possibility of painful long-standing erection occurrence.

3. Peroral drugs are the most popular method of impotency treatment. It lies in the intake of the pills increasing erectile functioning. Oral medicines for erectile dysfunction are of synthetic (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) and botanical origin (Magic Staff, Laveron). Pharmaceutical and natural stimulants allow enhancing sexual desire and increasing duration of sexual intercourse. They improve blood supply to penis providing long-standing erection. These drugs do not have addicting properties, maintain and treat erectile dysfunction. Self-treatment with these medicines is prohibited! Only a physician can determine and prescribe the intake and dosage of medication after personal consultation due to possibility of side-effects occurrence. Not all medicines may be taken by patients suffering from diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Among side-effects there may occur a headache, sickliness, backache, rhinitis, blushing.

Cardiovascular Health Drugs

Medications for heart disorders:

  1. cardiac glycosides
  2. antiarrhythmics
  3. cardioactive medications
  4. vasostimulants
  5. other medications for heart disorders


  1. Adrenergic remedies
  2. ganglionic blocking agents
  3. anti-adrenergic remedies
  4. miolitics
  5. other hypotensives


  1. thiazid
  2. sulphonic-acid amide
  3. loop diuretics
  4. potassium-sparing diuretics


  1. medications for varicose veins
  2. medicaitons decseasing capillary permeability

Selective and non-selective beta-adrenergic blocking agents:

  1. selective with pre-eminent influence on vessels
  2. selective with pre-eminent influence on heart

Medications affecting renin angiotensine system:

  1. inhibitors of angiotensine transforming enzyme
  2. inhibitors combined with diuretics

Lipid Lowering Agents

  1. HMG-CoA-reductase inhibitors
  2. fibrates
  3. antiblack tongue factor
  4. hypo-lipidic drugs